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  1. Got this book as a present. First thought was 'great another book about Sissinghurst Castle'. So I placed it on my ever growing book shelve.

    Later I was planning to go to Sissinghurst with friends this month, so I thought I better read more about the place before we go there. So I picked this book and start reading. What a joy.

    Sure, Sissinghurst is mentioned, as one would expect, but it's far from a book praising this garden.
    I really enjoyed reading the book, and read it from cover to cover over a nice cup of tea. It was pure delight.
    I loved to see how all the Nordic and other European gardens really have moved up in time, and I specially loved some of the minimalistic Nordic gardens. They where far from my childhood memories of Danish gardens with a big wide lawn, and tall towering hedges.They gave many inspirations, and fuel for thoughts too.

    Yes its about the colour white, but what else would one expect with a title like this?
    But just for one moment think about, what would happen if you changed the colour to what ever would suits you? Red, pink, purple, yellow or Orange. Then your garden really would stand out and make a statement.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can only highly recommend it, to anyone considering reading it.

    Only slight minor, even that the author did point it out himself. It would be great with more information's about growing and plant habits. Even if just in a plant log at the back of the book. And do please keep the Latin names too. Not everyone know the Danish names.

    Apart from that I couldn't recommend this easy read book, and thank for the hard work Claus and the team at Klematis have done with this book.

    A must have on any bookshelf if just the slightest interest in garden design.

    PS. The book is in Danish.